Formentera, the last paradise of the Mediterranean.

Formentera, an island only 20 km long but with an area of 82 km2 due to its peculiar shape. Located just two nautical miles south of Ibiza, the sea is its best access.


Formentera is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, spectacular light, and the warmth of its people and climate.
It's a retreat for bohemians, artists and 'hippies' who mix with the locals, and who together have made the island a little grand paradise. The constant effort of the people in the conservation of their surroundings, their customs, the environment, and the love they have for nature are reflected in every corner of Formentera.


"The island is surrounded by a meadow of Posidonia serving as natural water purifier and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. It's one of the reasons why the seascape of Formentera is a real visual spectacle. Lovers of scuba diving and water sports find Formentera the ideal place to enjoy their favorite sports.
Formentera is a haven of peace, with sunsets like you see in the movies, spectacular white sandy beaches, unspoilt coves, remote corners and villages that still retain their charm of yesteryear. The combination of natural scenery, friendly people and cuisine makes relaxing in Formentera a unique and different experience.


In Formentera time passes slowly, it's relaxed, with bicycles being a regular form of transport for both residents and visitors.


A source of inspiration for artists and craftsmen who inhabit the island and who present us with authentic works of art. Unique pieces that we can find in the shops, as much as in fashion stores as in those of craft and local produce.


Formentera is a paradise where the sea blends with nature, art, 'chill out' and the spirit of freedom.

A true paradise, a place to lose yourself, a place to find yourself.

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